Dental implants with bone graft

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Dental implants with bone graft

So, you need a dental implant and bone graft. What exactly does it involve?

A dental implant is the best solution once a tooth has been removed.  It’s fixed in place, you can brush and floss around it just as you can your natural teeth.  It’s the closest thing we can give you to having your own natural tooth (or teeth!) back.


Teeth often need to be removed as they may be infected or have fractured.  The problem here is twofold.  Firstly, whenever a tooth is removed you’ll naturally lose some bone.  Secondly, if you have a big infection, or the tooth is difficult to remove, this can cause more damage to the bone.  This can result in not having enough bone to be able to place a dental implant, or having JUST enough to squeeze an implant in.  And trust me, squeezing in an implant is a BAD idea.


What exactly is bone grafting? As the name suggests, it replaces missing bone.  There are so many different methods and materials we can use when we place dental implants with bone graft.  It very much depends on how much bone is missing and where the implants need to go.


What are the options for bone grafting? Well, you can use some of your own bone.  The only downside of this is that you have to take it from elsewhere in your mouth.  The benefits of using your own bone are incredible.  Your body regenerates FULLY (assuming the correct technique has been used).  This leads to stable results in the long run.


Other options are to use materials which are either synthetic, human or animal in origin.  These materials have their indications, and can’t be used in every circumstance.  These materials are generally enhanced by adding some of your own bone.


It’s quite common for dental implants with bone graft to be performed at the same time.  This is often referred to a ‘guided bone regeneration’ and when performed correctly this is a predictable procedure.  The key phrase here is ‘when performed correctly’.


Bone grafting, whilst predictable, is actually a difficult procedure to perform.  Most dentists dislike doing it.  Dr Pav Khaira is a dedicated implant surgeon with significant advanced training in implants including a masters degree, who accepts referrals from other colleagues for treatment of complex cases.  What this means for you is you will be treated by a professional who ONLY undertakes implant treatment, has extensive training and experience and isn’t having to think about procedures other than dental implants and related surgery.


If you have missing teeth and would like to know your options for a fixed replacement, contact us for a consultation to learn what your best options are to replace with a dental implant

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