Full Arch Dental Implants

‘Pav, please help! I’ve been told I need to have all or most of my teeth removed! I just can’t bear the thought of sticking to a soft diet and having removable teeth!’


I’ve heard that plenty of times. As well as ‘you’ve never seen teeth as bad as mine’. Do you know what all of these patients have in common? They now have fixed teeth! I see so many patients who feel embarrassed or even ashamed of the state of their mouth. I’m not here to judge you. I’m just here to help. Over time, old dentistry starts to break down and can get to the point where you need most or all of your teeth removed. You may already even be there. There are SO many ways in which I can help. I’m honoured to be able to provide implant treatment solutions which can mean you NEVER have to rely on a denture. After a number of small appointments to design your smile and for me to plan the ideal implant position, I can remove all of your teeth, place implants and give you a temporary new smile all in a single day.


‘MIRACLE!’ I hear you cry. You’re not far off with that statement. Cutting edge techniques allow us to immediately place your implants at the same time we remove your teeth and in 90% of cases give you FIXED teeth the very same day.


You can see from the animation below how we can give you a full set of teeth on a few implants, allowing you to eat a full range of foods and have the ability to attain correct nourishment as well as smile with confidence your dentures aren’t going to fall out.


How do full mouth same day dental implants work?

If you have your teeth missing or need to have all of your teeth removed (which is far more common than you may think due to abscesses and gum disease), it’s possible to have your teeth removed and dental implants with temporary fixed teeth all done in a single day.  How does this work? After an initial consultation and 3D x-ray known as a CBCT, our team can digitally plan your tooth position based upon the information from the scan.  When you attend for your next appointment we remove your remaining teeth and remove all the infection before placing the dental implants.  If your bone is strong enough (in 98% of cases it is) we can manufacture temporary teeth which will be secured directly onto the implants.  This means you will have teeth secured onto the implants from the day of surgery.  A BIG difference between our full arch dedicated clinic at EvoDental and the ’traditional’ way of doing this is our temporary teeth are milled from a solid block of PMMA material on the day.  Most frequently you would have a denture made (which requires impressions and 4-5 visits to create) and this is then retro fitted to the implants.  It’s not as bespoke or as strong as our digital workflow.

How many dental implants are required to treat a full mouth?

You don’t need one implant per tooth missing.  The studies have shown you need between 4-8 implants.  The success rate of the implants does not increase as the number of implants increases.  This means 4 good implants are better than 6 implants which are compromised in position.  I typically aim to place 6 implants in your top jaw and 4-6 implants in your lower jaw. This will give you 12 teeth in your top jaw and 10 teeth in your lower jaw which will restore around 85% of normal function. Meaning you can chew whatever I can chew, just a bit more slowly.

Do full mouth dental implants hurt?

Full mouth dental implants are obviously a more invasive procedure than a single dental implant. My patients typically have swelling and soreness for around 5 days with some bruising lasting 10-14 days on average. It’s important to remember everyone is different. Some people will have bruising, swelling and pain which last longer than this and others less time than this. The most common response once my patients have healed and have fixed teeth is ‘it was totally worth it!’

How long do full mouth implants take?

Whilst you’re with my team for a full day, the implant procedure normally takes around 3 hours. We can give you an oral sedative or if you’re more anxious give you IV sedation to help you relax. Most of your time throughout the day is spent recovering in a private lounge whilst our lab fabricate your new smile. Your implants take a total of 6 months to heal and we typically give you your definitive prosthesis around 2-3 months into healing.