IV Sedation

There is nothing worse than wanting to have a dental implant placed, and being anxious and worried about the procedure. You may be so anxious that it stops you going ahead with treatment and you end up with either a gap in your smile or rely on a removable plastic denture.


It’s not how it should be. And not how it has to be.

What if I told you, that you can have your treatment done and just have your anxiety melt away. That’s the power of IV sedation. In fact, you may not remember the appointment at all!

Imagine that. A fixed tooth, and not being bothered about the procedure in the slightest.

So how does it work?

IV sedation is extremely powerful and safe. Firstly we will assess your suitability for an implant and for sedation. On the day of implant placement you’ll need to bring a responsible adult with you who can stay with you for 24 hours afterwards.


We’ll get you comfortable and find a vein in your arm and slowly introduce the sedative. You’re not put to sleep, you just relax and whatever is making you feel anxious just melts away. You end up comfortable and not worried about what we are doing for you.

It’s a super safe technique and works on even the most anxious of patients!

And the even better news is that Pav is trained and licensed to use the newest of sedatives, which give an even better result. There is no grogginess or sick feeling afterwards.

If you’re ready to have your implant treatment performed under sedation, get in touch to see how we can help


What happens at my consultation?

At your consultation for sedation, we just need to check you medical history, record you blood pressure, height, weight and blood oxygen levels.

We then discuss the procedure with you including the proposed treatment and ensure you have no questions.

This will be followed up by a letter.

What do I need to do on the day of IV sedation?

On the day of sedation please don’t starve yourself. Have your normal foods just nothing too heavy. Wear comfortable clothes with sleeves which easily roll up and flat shoes. You’ll need to bring your escort with you as you won’t be able to drive home yourself and cannot use public transportation (a taxi is fine).

What happens during the IV sedation procedure?

Very simply we take your blood pressure again, find a vein in your arm and start the sedation process.

The sedative takes a few minutes to work and patients report feeling ‘warm, fuzzy and relaxed’. At this point the treatment is completed and the sedative stopped. The new sedative gives a ‘clean’ recovery, meaning you won’t feel groggy afterwards

When can I go back to my normal daily routine?

The sedation standards state you have to take it easy for 24 hours after the procedure. So go home, relax and 24 hours later you can go about your normal day. It’s really that simple!