Which dental implants are the best?

Which dental implants are the best?

It’s a natural question to ask. After all, if you are having something placed INTO your body you want to know it’s the best, right? And it can be confusing since EVERY implant manufacturer on the planet claims THEIR implant is the best and has the latest super jargon mega healing hyper implant technology.

What if I told you the answer (unfortunately) isn’t a straight forward as you’d like it to be? Ok time to give you the good and bad news! So, the bad news is there is no single ‘best implant system’. There are however certain parameters which can improve implant outcomes between different manufacturers. If you REALLY want to know more about implant engineering, I did a podcast on exactly that topic. You can listen on Spotify here.

Now the good news. The BIGGEST factors in success of implants by a wide margin is the skill and knowledge of the surgeon, how YOU look after your implant and how well you look after your health. Staying fit and healthy DOES play a role in longevity! Shameless self plug; I am EXTREMELY confident placing implants. I’ve studied hard, I only place implants so don’t do other general dental work and have a TON of experience.

I’ve used many different implant system and have success with them all. There are a number of reasons I have chosen my premium implant system:

• Highest level of engineering of the implant itself. Most implant companies will manufacture a large amount and pick a few implants at random to test for quality control. The manufacturer I use checks EVERY SINGLE IMPLANT which comes off the manufacturing line.
• Most implants are made from an alloy as alloys are usually stronger. The other metals in the alloy can trigger allergic reactions. The premium implant system I use is a PURE grade IV titanium and it has been cold engineered to be exceptionally strong. Way stronger than alloys
• It’s resistant to gum disease like infections (called peri implantitis)
• It has extremely clever designs to make implant placement easier and more predictable
• The components used to fix the tooth to the implant are also manufactured to the same level of precision

I know you were really wanting me to say ‘have this implant and everything else will be fine’. As you can see, it’s not THAT simple. Dental implants restore function and aesthetics, they also reduce stress on remaining teeth and are an absolutely critical component of overall health. Studies have shown if you can’t eat properly, your lifespan is reduced by around 9 years.

I’ll be writing more blogs soon to dispel myths about dental implants

Dr Pav Khaira BDS
MClinDent Implantology (Distinction)
Externship in Implantology (New York)

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